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Prazosin is the generic term for an alpha blocker which impedes the body's use of adrenaline. This relaxes blood vessel walls and alleviates symptoms of anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. The medication also relaxes the prostate and urethra, so men sometimes buy Prazosin to aid with urination when the prostate is inhibiting urine flow.

Interestingly, Prazosin is also used to treat stings from Hottentotta tamulus, a highly venomous scorpion originally from India but which has traveled around the world due to the pet trade.

Patients usually buy Prazosin under its more widely-recognized names of Minipress, Hypovase, Vasoflex, and Lentropres, among others. The medication comes in tablets, which can be taken with or without food according to personal preference.

Controlling High Blood Pressure

Prazosin's effects on blood pressure are simple; the medication relaxes blood vessels, allowing blood to flow freely. This lowers the heart's workload, reducing blood pressure. It can take some time to work, however, often upwards of a month, so it may not be the first choice for some patients.

Treatment typically consists of:

  • Start with 1 mg taken two or three times per day (2 or 3 mg total per day).
  • Dosage may be slowly increased in 1 to 2 mg increments per week, up to 20 mg divided into three daily doses.
  • The majority of patients find 6 to 15 mg per day to be suitable.
  • Very rarely dosage may be increased to 40 mg per day.

Treatment is ultimately highly individualized according to patient response. Those who buy Prazosin very often also take other antihypertensive medications as well, which can significantly influence Prazosin dosage. When Prazosin is already being taken and another antihypertensive treatment is added, Prazosin dosage may drop back to 1 mg two or three times per day until effects are clear.

Managing Anxiety & Related Disorders

In this application Prazosin's adrenaline-blocking function is important; individuals suffering from anxiety often produce excess adrenaline. The medication is particularly good at stopping nightmares; many PTSD sufferers buy Prazosin for exactly that reason. Either way, symptoms---racing heartbeat, excessive sweating, obsessive thoughts or worries, and so forth---are minimized or eliminated entirely with treatment.

Treatment here is also individualized. A general dosage guideline follows:

  • Start with 1 mg, taken before bed.
  • Dosage may be slowly increased in 1 to 2 mg increments per week up to 15 mg per day.
  • At higher doses the total daily dose may be divided into multiple smaller doses taken throughout the day.
  • Do not exceed 15 mg per day.

Those who have anxiety and low blood pressure should speak with a doctor about alternative products; Prazosin will lower blood pressure to some degree, particularly at higher doses.

Easing Urination

Men who have benign prostate hypertrophy and difficulty urinating may want to buy Prazosin. The medication relaxes both the urethra and the prostate, allowing men to urinate with relative ease and empty the bladder more fully. The end result is less frequent and less urgent urination, without that full-bladder feeling.

Treatment typically consists of:

  • Start with 0.5 mg taken twice per day (1 mg total per day).
  • Dosage may be slowly increased up to 2 mg taken twice per day (4 mg total per day).
  • Do not exceed 4 mg per day.

Again Prazosin will lower blood pressure to some degree, though it's not as alarming as at higher doses. All the same, those with low blood pressure problems may want to consider alternatives.

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